Why Third Party Agencies Get A Bad Name

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As the article states there are many benefits as well as negative aspects associated with using third party organisations in dealing with issues of money owed. Therefore a carefully thought out action plan is required for success.

Everyone seems to have the same opining about third party companies that call in order to get you to pay your outstanding bills. Even if you understand that the person is only performing his or her job, chances are you will always go on the defensive and feel rather annoyed when receiving such a call.

This is mainly because there have been stories of harassment and unlawful action taken by debt collection services personnel. Therefore it is somewhat logical and human nature to behave in such a way when you get such a call too. Another reason is fear, most individuals are not aware of what these organisations can do or cannot do legally. Not knowing causes you to tense up and go on the defensive naturally. So let us look at some of the more common reasons for this bad reputation. Ways of contact: there have been numerous instances where these personnel try to get through to the customer by any means possible. They attempt to call 24- 7 even trying to get through while the customer is at work. Some even go to the extent of calling colleagues, management or even other family members and harass or threaten in different ways to get through to the customers.

This is clearly a breach of regulations as the contact persons are only allowed to call between set timelines not throughout the day and not during work hours. They are also prohibited from contacting other individuals known to the debtor and discuss the amount in question. If at all they call a relative or a co worker it is for the express purpose of understanding where the customer is and that too can be done only once. They are also under guidelines to use courteous and respectful language in all their communications. Lack of identification: customers have often complained that the debt collectors in Adelaide call and refuse to properly identify themselves. Some even refuse to give addition details of the outstanding moneys they are referring to. This is clearly a breach of the regulations they are required to work under. Rightly an agent should readily identify himself giving details of name address and company they are calling from and even the license and registration numbers of the agency. They are also required to provide details of the creditor they are calling on behalf and provide detail of the money that is outstanding. They should also be in a position to agree that the customer has rights to argue or have a difference of opinion regarding the amount in question. These are some of the two very common reasons for the bad reputation the industry is facing, which needs to be clearly corrected.

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